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Mentorship Is A Two Way Street. Are You The Best Mentee You Can Be? 
Justin Owens started out with no college degree, education or experience.

He went on to build an entrepreneurial empire and become recognized as a respected and effective leader in the top 1% of his field. Justin credits all of his success to mentorship and the principles outlined in this audio and workbook.

He believes mastering menteeship is the best way to excel in your life. It’s the only way to attract the right mentor who can help you grow and elevate your results financially.

Mentorship is a two-way street and many people forget that. People are quick to concentrate on becoming a mentor or finding the right one, but few if not any concentrate on the other side of the table. 
In Menteeship: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming The Top Mentee Audio Training & Workbook You’ll Discover...
  • What a Mentee is 
  • How to excel as a mentee
  • How to get the best out of your mentor 
  • How to grow into becoming a mentor in the right way 
No One Ever Outgrows Being A Mentee 
On the never ending learning curve of entrepreneurship, you need to attract and leverage every mentorship opportunity available to you no matter how high you climb.
Great mentees turn into amazing mentors. Keeping your mentee hat always on means you can step into and develop your own, unique style of leadership.
The 13 Principles Of Menteeship In Action 
"The personality test is a powerful tool. Not only do you learn how to identify and communicate with different people with different personalities, but you learn about yourself. Being self-aware empowers your awareness in all areas of life."

 - Dr. Carlton Calhoun
"The training was probably the most eye opening experience for me personally.  To have success in relationships, whether business or personal you have to be able to identify the personality type in yourself and others. This training was essential to my success."
 - Travis Turner
It helped me grow as a person, within my marriage but even more as a leader within my business because I have a better understand and master how to communicate effectively with people that don’t communicate like you.

 - Brittany Garrison.
What’s Included: 
  • Menteeship: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming The Top Mentee (Value: $100)
  • Menteeship Master Audio Training (Value: $300)
Total Value: $400
For You Today: Just $47! 
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